Flower Recipe

My favorite flower color combination, especially in the summer, is hot pink, yellow, orange and purple. (Scroll below - isn't it fab???)

Today I had an opportunity to create a floral arrangement and I wanted to take some pictures and do a little recipe card for you guys to recreate. These flowers all came from Walmart Neighborhood Market (with the exception of the hostas...those came from my sister's garden - Thanks, Al)! The grand total for this arrangement was $25 (well, $27 with tax). I had the vase and ribbon on hand.

This "recipe" calls for:

- 2 dozen hosta leaves
- 1 dozen hot pink roses
- 5 yellow mini callas
- 3 orange asiatic lillies
- 10 stems of purple statice

The visual of all the "recipe" items:

First, line your vase with hostas. (I prefer a rectange vase. I think they work so much better than round.)

Next, add the orange lillies. I put them in two corners and then added one in the center of the vase.

I then added my favorite flowers - mini callas. I left one out to add in the center of the vase once it became more full.
My next step was to add the hot pink roses. I added them throughout the container to fill in.

After that, I went through the container and looked for "holes" and added in some of the purple. See how it is coming together?

It still needed a little something, so I went through and added some of the extra hostas.

And I always think a container needs something to finish it off, so a knotted ribbon completed the design.

Just a little note, don't feel like you have to use EVERY flower. I had tons of the purple statice left over. Not that it is that pretty, but I put it in a little vase so as to not waste it and will keep it around for a little pop of color.


  1. Katie,
    The arrangement is gorgeous, and you did make it look so easy to do!!! Thanks for the tutorial and great photos!!
    Love, Aunt Angie

  2. Love it-as usual! Me thinks I need to go a smite nuts this weekend at Costco and get some beautiful flowers around my house. You agree? Ok, good!

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog and am in LOVE! I was searching because my nursery theme is birds (my baby's name will be Wren, so I couldn't pass up the bird theme!) and your blog came up in a google search. Curious to see if you ever posted finished product pics from your sister's nursery. I tried to find one but got lost in all of the fun and creative posts!

    Anyway, looking forward to following along!

  4. Pretty. I love fresh flowers.

  5. Very pretty! Thanks for the how-to.


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