A few weeks ago my other adorable niece came to Tulsa from Nebraska to visit.
She and Finley had a lot of fun playing. (Look at them holding hands. I promise that was not staged...they are just little bffs!)

Max wanted in on the fun.

Baby Drew decided this was way too boring.

But Aunt KK LOVED it! (This must be why they say to never work with animals or babies...everyone looking at the camera was NOT going to happen.)

(A run down on who is who. Baby on the left is Olivia. She is Tori's - Tommy's youngest sister -baby. The baby on the right is Finley, my sister's baby. Max and Drew are Kristen's - Tommy's olders sister - baby. Got that?)

In other news, Tommy and are still at a stalemate on the rug situation. Seriously, "designing" with a boy is so difficult. I thought they weren't supposed to have opinions on these matters. You don't see me trying to interfere with Fantasy Baseball...


  1. You have the cutest nieces and nephews! I hate having to co-design things with Ty. haha.

  2. All the babies are just so adorable!! Thanks for sharing the photos.
    Love, Aunt Angie

  3. oh my gosh! how cute!! I love that they are holding hands! so precious!!


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