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I love to read. I will get on a kick and read about 18 books at once and then not pick one up for another six months. Well, now that I have close to an hour round trip commute a day, I am obsessed with books on tape (well, CD). The Tulsa Library has a pretty good selection and I order them online to be sent to my closest library.

Also, I am the type of person that if I start a book, I finish it. Not so much a book on CD, the voices can drive me nuts! And with no monetary investment I take back those ones I am not feeling.

Here are my faves that I have "read" over the past 8 weeks:

I am loving this book. It started out a little slow for me, but I find myself driving around my block a couple of extras times just to get another chapter in. I am on my last CD and just dying!!!

This was the first book I got when I began my little Book on CD idea. Not my favorite of the bunch, but I still really liked it. It is kind of a murder mystery/love story.

I love, love, love Meg Cabot as an author. And I love the voice of the girl she has who reads her books. My second book was Queen of Babble in the big city. The character in the book is so likeable that I had to get the follow up book, Queen of Babble gets Hitched, in kindle form!

Read this one the legit way. Loved it!

Big Boned is the follow up book to Size 12 Is not Fat and Size 14 Isn't Fat Either. Really cute book. Another murder mystery/love story!

I have listened to a few more, but these are my faves. I will take any recommendations, please! I am looking for light, summer beach reads. Nothing heavy. I don't want to be that crazy girl crying in her car.


  1. I have got to try Meg Cabot's books. I bet they would be great for my upcoming beach vacay. You should try Shoe Addicts Anonymous by Beth Harbison. I got it on CD from the library.

  2. I am a HUGE fan of audiobooks. Even a bigger fan once I started checking them out of the library. Funny you should say that about Twenties Girl. I thought it was dragging in the begining and couldn't really get into it, but then I loved it! Have you read any Sophie Kinsella books that were written under her real name (Madeline Wickman, I think?)? I've read a couple and they are pretty cute.

  3. Katie! I totally understand this obsession! I have been listening to books on CD/tapes for the past 6 years or so. First it was just on my drives down to Tulsa, and now it is all the time. I will go weeks without listening to the radio.

    You have to start listening to Janet Evanovich. Her "One for the Money" and books all the way up to 15 are hilarious. I find myself laughing in my car all the time and running errands just to keep driving.

    I've listened to all of the Jane Green books, Jennifer Weiner books, Sofie Kinsella books, Emily Griffith (or Griffin).

    I also listen to murder mystery's that might be a little darker by Jonathan Kellerman and Dick Francis, both good.

    Right now I'm relistening to all of the Janet Evanovich books, they are hilarious!

    Katie Eagan Ernzen

  4. Oh, and I forgot about all of the Harry Potter books. I can listen to those over and over again.

    Thank goodness for the public library and these free books. The Harry Potter audiobooks are like $60 a piece!

    Katie Eagan Ernzen


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