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Last night Tommy, my sister and I went to dinner at Sage's new location. Every Tuesday night they host a radio show with a local chef and serve the meal to the crowd. Last night's guest was Teri Fermo of Bohemia. You would probably recognize her from the Cherry Street Farmer's Market. She always has the gourmet pizzas. (I can almost hear the collective ah!)
The studio is absolutely fabulous and very state of the art. No matter where you sat you got a bird's eye view of the action from the video screens. (Those are roasted purple potatoes....who knew potatoes were purple?)

The menu was entirely made of local ingredients.

Grilled chicken breast from Downing Family Farm
Dusted with kosher salt from The Spice Market
Topped with mushrooms from Mushroom Planet
Seared in Brown Butter from Wagon Creek Creamery

On Roasted Purple Potatoes from Three Springs Farm
With Grilled Bush Baby Zucchini from Pork & Greens

Dessert was to die for! (Well, maybe not die....then you wouldn't get to eat it.)

Raspberries from Buzzin’ Berry Patch
Baked into Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding
Made with Bread from Bodean
Served with Godiva Chocolate Liqueur Hard Sauce
Made with Red Bird Ranch’s Eggs

And, I must say, it was very educational! We had a great time. Oh, and each course was paired with wine. My kind of drink! They were all from the local Summerside Vineyards. I had the Riesling and a Sweet Syrah (right up my alley).

I also took lots of pics inside of the cool gadgets (and bought a few, too!) I will post those later this week. Bon appetit!


  1. Looks like it was deeee-lish!

    Purple potatoes? Katie....sweet Katie. The potatoes are purple due to the acidity of the soil they grow in.

    No, not really.


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