We'll all make t-shirts

Since this is "Janie week" on my blog, I wanted to feature another one of her brilliant ideas. Janie has ALWAYS had a knack for remembering movie lines. Truly a gift. I cannot remember what movies I saw in 2008 and the girl can remember the most trivial lines from a movie. Well, when I was in Houston she said she couldn't believe that there never were ironic tees made from the classic line in Steel Magnolias when they tell M'Lynn (had to look up that spelling) to slap Ousier (here on out referred to as Weeza) and they will make t-shirts that say "I slapped Ousier Boudreax. As a Louisiana native who has seen Steel Magnolias only 100 times I also couldn't believe such a shirt had not been made, at least to my knowledge. So, I did a little internet research and I didn't find anything, so Janie and I, 20 years after the release of this classic will be selling "I slapped Weeza Boudreaux" shirts. 2 reasons for the spelling difference. I truly do not want to deal with a law suit over this and honestly, would anyone ever figure out that Ousier = Weeza?? Doubtful.

So, to reminisce, here is the classic scene:

And, here are the new shirts that Janie and I will be selling at my CafePress shop. I am sure we will be gazillionaires soon ; ).
Here is a closeup of the design:

Also, while I was setting up my store I added one more design that I made for a contest for the Tulsa Bark Park. I didn't win, so I decided to add it to my shop. I like the little logo and the dogs are cute. Very ironic to get in kid's items, I think. Get it?!


  1. I love Love LOVE the doggy bibs and baby t-shirts! Now I just need to find one of my friends who is a dog-lover and pregnant....

  2. I love Steel Magnolias...let me know when the T-shirts are available! I just might have to have one. You know....a baby onesie or little baby t-shirt with "Pink is my signature color" would also be cute. (ie., from Shelby's use of blush & bashful, or as M'lynn says, pink & pink - looks like sanctuary threw up Pepto Bismal) I have been telling people all along that Baby A's signature colors are pink & chocolate brown, because I've kind of overdone it in her room & her wardrobe, car seat cover, diaper bag, etc. in pink & chocolate brown!!!! (I'll give you that one for only a minor mention on the blog if you decide to use it!!!!) love,Jennifer


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