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Today I am working from home and I absolutely love it! However, I think I like social interaction too much to do this full time. I am on my "lunch break" right now, so I thought I would post for the day.

Megan sent me a link to a blog today called Make-Up Junkie. The site gives makeup tips, tricks, steals and splurges. Since I am getting dangerously close to 30 and dangerously close to potential wrinkles my skin care has become quite a bit more important to me.

I am not that into makeup...I swear I have worn the same colors since age 12. (I have also had the same hairstyle since birth.) But, I wanted to share some of my faves with you.

For those who wear the same thing over and over and over again, I recommend trying Mary Kay. My mother-in-law sells it and I have falled in love with the mineral makeup. I wear the mineral foundation powder and I swear it takes away all of redness and discoloration. I also got a pressed version for my purse. I also recommend the Mary Kay eye liner and mascara. They are both really good.
I also wear Bobbi Brown blush and eye shadow but will probably switch to Mary Kay once I run out because they have comparable colors and are more affordable.

Another online makeup secret is Eyes Lips Face. Everything on the site is $1. So, if you don't like the color, you didn't spend a ton. And, shipping is only $2! What a steal!


  1. I also love Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner. That's my 'can't live without' makeup item!

  2. I agree with Hilary, I love Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner! I really like the MakeUp Junkie blog, she has some really good tips. My friend Corey pointed me to a website called Makeup Alley http://www.makeupalley.com/
    Makeup Alley includes product reviews, articles and swaps! If you buy a product you don't like you can swap it with another reader which is pretty cool!


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