I cannot believe I am going to post on this topic

The topic is: cleaning. Ugh. I loathe it. And, I must have really hit a rock bottom on things to post about. I have been racking my brain all day on something fun to chat about but I had nothing. I even searched the web for you guys!

Anyway, I was actually inspired enough by a commercial this week to purchase something that I usually would not be interested in...The Swiffer 360. We grew up on lemon oils and Endust Spray, so the idea of using a feather duster of sorts never even crossed my mind. But, my boss had mentioned that she loves her feather duster and I thought that this sounded pretty close and looked to have disposable cloths. (Do you have to clean a feather duster???)

First, my house is absolutely dusty! I could not believe how much dust the 360 picked up. (Well, I kind of can because I HATE to dust and only dust places that a guest can see. I know, I am lazy.) But, it was fast, quick and did a pretty darn good job. I probably could have used two cloths but I was in a hurry and just used the one. But, I would definitely recommend trying this out. The kit was relatively inexpensive...less than $4 and came with 3 cloths. And, purchasing this was really just an excuse to go to Target.

More tomorrow. I promise I will find something more interesting. I am so boring.


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