Funny from Cake Wrecks

In my daily blog hunting, I always visit Cake Wrecks. First, her commentary is hilarious but second, she has some of the most extreme cakes on her site. I laughed out loud a this one today (includes her commentary):

Really, who thought technology that allows you to eat people's photos was a good idea? It always ends up looking rather creepy.Or, in this case, gross:

Mmmm, now there's an appetizing composition. I bet all of Karissa's relatives were SO proud. And full. As in, "no-really-I-couldn't-eat-another-bite" full.

This is Katie again...who let's people take a picture of them on the toilet?? Post below if I happen to be missing out on something.


  1. I don't think you are missing out on anything. I would NEVER let someone take my picture on the toilet! I think the more pressing question is, who wants to take a picture of someone on the toilet? Eww!

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