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Why does the Snuggie blanket seem to somehow make an appearance in my life everyday? Either someone is talking about it, I read about it or I see the commercial. I think the world is telling me something. I am too cold in my home.

However, when doing a search for a snuggie picture I came across the following:
A Snuggie for horses (seriously): The generic Snuggie aka a Slanket

And, entire posts dedicated to Slanket v. Snuggie. I think I am seeing a trend here.

Or, there is the nuddler. We have feet compartments in this baby.

However, something about the Nuddle website spoke to me. It seems a little more high end. Whoa, just went back and saw the price. Heck yes it is high end! $110 for a Snuggie! I will wear socks instead.


  1. Montel Williams also sells the snuggie, but he brands it as "THE TOASTY WRAP!"


  2. I hate the Snuggie commercials!


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