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My fabulous friend Janie is pregnant with her first baby (a boy) and has not bought a thing!!! First, total blasphemy -- um, everything is soooo cute and miniature AND hello -- Janie LOVES shopping. Also, she has straight up refused to register. So, being the type of friend that loves to help a sister out I am going to use my forum for good. Recommend your favorite baby must-haves or baby don't-really-need-but-so-cute-you-have-to-get-it! Especially recommend cute baby bedding.

Also, for your entertainment here are some words from Jane. I have been trying to get her to blog for sometime now, so maybe with your feedback she will ; ). She is answering some of my questions in an email to help you guys with her likes and dislikes. So, please help her!!!

Favorite colors: greens and blues with a smite bit of brown
Favorite Animals: Um.....DUH! Puppies! I have gotten so many puppy things for him. This kid is either going to be a Vet or a male version of a Crazy Cat lady....and sock monkeys. I have no idea why-you saw me get excited over the slippers at Target. Anything Paul Frank I Can't. Stay. Away. From.
Least favorite Animal- Yes, classic Pooh....why would you like anything that is named the same as the revolting thing that comes out of your bottom!! All around -ew!
Things That will Scare Baby: See, all these "jungle themes" that people come up with and I think they would scare the be-jesus out of a little kid. All the snakes and alligators and stuff. And dinosaurs-I mean, the ones that look like they are out of a cartoon are just silly looking, so if you get ones that un-Barney like, then they look mean.
Bedding faves: Um, yeah, that is a problem. I hate anything with a theme. Some of the themes are OK, but someone needs to tell the marketing and design person that NO PERSON wants their nursery to look like a gaggle of frogs or the aforementioned jungle threw up all over their room. And just like wine, some are great in moderation, but when I look online and see ALL of it together I feel about as hungover as walking into a Sam's Club sized liquor store without even having a drop to drink. You don't want to have the same sick feeling everytime you walk into your little one's room like the time you accidentally had too much to drink and ordered the entire Mamma's Family series from eBay. It is just good sense.
You know how I feel about the transportation systems. As for "bottle systems" how overwhelming can it get? BPA?? I am only familiar with BYOB and an occasional BFF! Throw in a BPA and I can only say WTF?
How am I already the worst mom in the world when my kid barely has fully developed eyelids?! Especially considering most of your readers are of the generation born from women who were not so concerned about the amount of mercury they consume weekly. My mother's best medical advice while pregnant with yours truly was to continue smoking to avoid having another 10 pound baby! (Which, I may add worked like a charm-I was right under 8 pounds.). Yes, we know better now, but why should some girl named Brindi who looks barely old enough to have had her tongue pierced legally make me feel badly about not getting a trillion dollar "travel system?" Having kids is as over-commercialized as Christmas...but I really should get back to work on shopping the Janie and Jack seasonal sale..they have a wickedly cute puppy collection. Maybe I will pick up some dinosaurs while I am at it.


  1. Check out Land of Nod. It's Crate and Barrel's baby bedding collection. So cute, and not many character themes! I too have a boy and absolutely hated anything character, cartoon and especially Pooh! It's not outrageously expensive and is good quality. Here's a link to my bedding.

    P.S. I'm also highly against any character/light-up shoes. That age is coming for us, so know that this is a constant battle:).

    Good Luck!


  2. Katie, thank you for sharing Janie's hilarious commentary! I love it. She should totally have a blog! I dont know if she wants to spend this much but if you or her havent checked out the restoration hardware baby bedding collections, YOU MUST! They are simple and beautiful. Have a great weekend! AMY

  3. JANIE! I have told Katie a 100 times you need a blog, you could become as famous as the bachelor blogger becuase of your whitty humor. Please-I am sure you would bring many funnies to your readers and I am sure you will have some great storeis to share about motherhood! Way to go Katie for trying to get Jane to blog. love, your sister!

  4. Janie!!!! I just realized what Janie this was who commented on my blog 2-3 months ago!! You HAVE TO START A BLOG!!! You are just toooooo H*I*L*A*R*I*O*U*S!!!

    The Amby bed is ANY babies bestfriend. Especially, a colicky, refluxing baby!

  5. OK..please excuse the bad grammar!! It is baby's bestfriend. Not babies bestfriend!!

  6. Born Free bottles (plastic, BPA free, sold at Target, awesome even for reflux babies - baby A likes them and has had bad reflux); cute socks - Trumpette socks fit well, stay on baby's feet, and look like little shoes (they come "preppy" - argyles, sporty - "running shoes", etc.) so cute; also love Pediped brand shoes - cute and comfortable for infants; I used Pottery Barn brand crib sheets - polka dots, gingham checks, solids, and those super soft "minky" ones in the winter - they are awesome and wear very well with many washes but then had bedding like crib skirt & window treatments made with custom fabric that I liked from a fabric store - it was more "grown up" but with the colors I liked for the room (i.e., had paisleys, polka dots, stripes, etc.) so it didn't look so out-of-the-box. I did that for both my little boy & my little girl. And don't even get me started on the clothes...if you want to dress that baby southern, Katie can tell you I can dress a southern boy & girl like nobody's business! Smocked clothes almost everyday! Gotta love it! Congrats on the baby and just enjoy every minute of it...I know everyone says it, but it really does go by so fast. Before you know it, that little boy will be 4 years old and will be dictating his "likes & dislikes" to you (i.e., pirates are very big at our house, as are dinosaurs, firetrucks, jungle animals, rocket ships/aliens, & Scooby Doo). Enjoy! love, Jennifer DeFatta (Katie's cousin-in-law)

  7. Katie - I thought of another product I learned about this year with Addison that your friend (and your nephew) might like...they are personalized bottle & sippy cup labels from a company called Inchbug, found at, and they fit on almost every brand of bottle or sippy out there. You can put the first or first & last name of the child, plus personalize with a symbol if you want. And, as an added bonus, they put the name in braille too! They are dishwasher safe and microwave safe, and at our house we love them. Both kids have them for their stuff to take to Mom's Day Out & preschool. They come 4 to a package and cost only about $13/for 4. They are my new "baby shower" gift if I know the baby name before. Enjoy! - Jennifer


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