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I am pretty celebrity obsessed. So, I would like more reader feedback on any celebrities you have seen or met and all the details. I will go first. I have only met two celebrities. I guess you can consider them that....
1- Frank Bielec of Trading Spaces
2- Vern Yip of Trading Spaces
I met them both at the Tulsa Home Show. Got pics with them and everything. Frank even gave me his email address because he thought I would be good on TV. Never heard from him again. So, I guess not so much.

I have seen the following celebrities:
1- Luke Perry - Saw him at the Alamo in San Antonio. He was in town to film 8 Seconds. I was in 8th grade at the height of 90210 fabulousness. Oh, if I only would have introduced myself.
2- Demi Moore & Bruce Willis - Saw them at the Olympics in 1996. She had her head shaved for the film GI Jane and they set in our section.
3- Garth Brooks - Saw him at Williams Sonoma a few years ago.
4- Oprah Winfrey - Well, I went to her show.

And, my cousin, Jacob, was in an Eminem Video. He was one of the "Slim Shady" lookalikes. Not really a claim to fame but close, right?

Okay, do tell everyone!!!


  1. Ok, Katie, as another celebrity-impressed person, I'll indulge you! I met Garth Brooks in Tulsa several years back in the parking lot of the Delta restaurant; saw Samuel L. Jackson here in Shreveport in Brookshire's grocery store (he was filming here); saw Billy Joel in New Orleans in the French Quarter while I was eating lunch while I was in high school (let's just say it was some time ago!); Saw Keifer Sutherland in the Shreveport airport picking up his luggage at baggage terminal (was just a few feet away from him). During the last few years, there have been so many films shooting in Louisiana that there have been many celebrities out and about in town, but often if they are not with a huge entourage you don't even realize it's them until people start acting ridiculous around them! I'm usually so busy with both kids or the errand I'm running that I don't even realize it until I hear people whispering and realize why they are whispering! Enjoy - Jennifer

  2. Well, in 8th grade.. my bff at the time was named Porscha Radcliffe. Her dad is a movie producer and they live in tulsa. They flew us down a lot to hang out with their daughter when they were away shotting movies. I got to meet Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore on the set of 9months.. Arnold Swatzinger(however you spell it) and Rita Wilson. Then on the set of Step mom I got to meet Julia Roberts and Susan Saradon... and thats my only claims to fame... Oh in vegas we saw Danny Tanner at a club we were at!!ha!!

  3. I saw Sheryl Crow and her sweet baby Wyatt at Borders Books this summer!! The nanny was holding him and Sheryl was jumping out from behind different book cases to make him giggle. Unknowingly, I walked right in front of one as she was jumping out and she about scared me into a peanut. We all laughed and she was gone in about two seconds flat!! I also saw Oprah in Amarillo eons ago.

  4. John Wingerter & I saw Mike Tyson in the Vegas airport (and he TOTALLY caught me trying to slyly look at him & smiled at me like - you're not sneaky at all). Michael talked to Garth Brooks in Moody's Jewelry - he wanted to know the score of the ORU game & Garth was wearing an ORU shirt. I was too star struck to utter one word. :)

  5. Well, I haven't met any...but I do have a picture (somewhere) with Jerry Springer. I saw Christina Aguilera in NYC, Montel Williams in Vegas (I started to chase, I mean follow him, through the casino and was told to stop being crazy!), and saw Fat Joe the rapper in Vegas as well.

    My hubby has played a round of golf with Joe Carter (oddly enough his dad knew Joe's dad from Clinton, OK) this fall. Joe Carter hit the winning home run for a world series in the early 90s.

    I was on a flight with Willie Mays and stood by him in baggage claim...didn't say anything and my dad still gets onto me about being quiet! I just didn't know what to say...

    Emily B

  6. None of mine are too exciting! Ted Kennedy practically ran me over me while I was visiting The Capitol in high school. BTW, his head is much bigger in person! A couple of years ago I was standing next to Kirstie Allie at the Restoration Hardware in Wichita, I didn't even realize it was her until she began to speak...she has a very distinctive voice. I saw Ryan Cabrera (is he even a star now that he is not with Ashley Simpson?) at a hotel in Florida, he was checking in right ahead of me. I had no earthly idea who he was but he kept turning around because I think he wanted to be noticed. It finally donned on me later who he was. Andy and I saw Mike Tyson in Vegas. He is very short, I probably wouldn't have realized it was him but it's hard to miss the big tattoo on his face. Last year I saw Garth and Trisha at Fleet Feet here in Tulsa, again I probably wouldn't have noticed it was them but people were acting all crazy so I figured it out.

    Andy (my husband) has met some real 'A' listers! He met Jessica Simpson at an airport in Hawaii. She was there to sing the National Anthem and it was the same weekend she got engaged to Nick Lachey. While flying back from Hawaii he was on a plane with Kurt Warner and Terrell Owens. He also met Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie while they were filming The Simple Life II. For one day the girls worked for a minor league baseball team and Andy was visiting a friend who played for the team at the time.

  7. I met Ben Stein in the Austin airport earlier this fall. He was wearing big baggy corduroy pants and a blazer with trendy sneakers. He was standing in the security line ahead of me and we said 'hi' to each other. I tried not to act like a dork, but I'm bummed now that I didn't get an autograph. I used to love Win Ben Stein's Money.

  8. I'll indulge Katie :) First was Luke Wilson. When I lived in downtown Austin he was shooting a movie behind my apartment. Well on my way home one evening from the bars (pizza in hand) I met him. Talked to him for a while and offered him a piece of my pizza...thought I was being nice in my "altered" state. Next was John Popper (Blues Traveler) I stopped him downtown and started talking to him. He played his harmonica for me..pretty cool. The BEST ever was MATHEW MCCONAUGHEY SHIRTLESS haha. I was running this popular little lake near downtown and saw was great :) I also saw Willy Nelson running..who knew he was a big runner..but saw him running braids and all :) Latest one was Elijah Woods. He was in front of me at ACL festival. He is maybe 5'4" and skinny! Dawn

  9. My favorite celeb siting was Sarah Jessica Parker in NYC -- just walking down the street. I felt like I was on the set of S in the C. And - not once, but twice - we saw Woody Harrelson in the Maui airport.

    Justin claims he saw a Baldwin in a restaurant in Dallas, but he is unable to say which one....


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