Play Date Pics

Kristen, Andrea and Julie brought the babies over today and we/they had so much fun! Look at these little angels! Max and Addison are only 3 days apart and Preston is only 1 month younger. They were so good and had a fun time!

All three babies playing together. Addison is totally relaxed around these cute boys!

She is seriously so cute and just a little feather compared to the boys!

Preston was all smiles and very easily entertained. The highlight of the day was when Preston took Max's pacifier out of his mouth and tried to put it in his. Very cute.

Max helps mommy clean up.

And, Tommy was just smitten with Addison! I have been telling him how precious she is and he finally got to meet her today.

Allison even had to stop by to participate in the fun and get her baby fix too!


  1. I think you need to add your own baby to the mix.

  2. i second megan! you and tommy are naturals!!!kels


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