It's time to hit Target...

As you know, Target is my hands down, all time favorite store. Usually after Christmas they clear out the holiday section in the back of the store and fill it in with their Global Bazaar collection. Between Iris and I (whoever goes to Target first) will call the other to let them know the collection has arrived. Well, this year the Global Bazaar has been replaced with the Home Design Event. And, it does not disappoint. I love how fresh everything is. Here are some of my favorites:

This grey throw was beyond soft. And, grey is such a unique color for a throw. I don't know that I have ever seen one. (Then again, I have never looked for one...)

When I got married I carried a bouquet of all mini callas and these are really an authentic looking version of faux flowers.

I loved this votive holder. It is supposed to be a flower if you cannot tell...
This rug would look fabulous in my house. Have you noticed a color theme? Apparently I am in a blue and grey period.

They have this design in blue (this is supposed to be blue but for some reason is grey on screen) and sage. Love it!
Oh, and while I was there everything was on sale. Some of the sections were picked over but some were fully stocked and full of new stuff. I love that store.


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