Okay you guys. It is only because I love you that I am posting at 12:25 in the morning. You know how I love sleeping and my usual bedtime is around 10:30. But, that stupid OU game really set my night back. Oh well, the company was good and I only watched it to socialize. Thanks Megan!

This post is for all of my Etsy lovers! I have come across a new craft website cleverly named, Crafster. What I love about this site is there is more of a community, so if you want to get specific details on how to create an item, where to purchase supplies, can find someone with the answer. And, for those of us who aren't so crafty there is still something in it for us -- shopping!

The shirt below is my personal favorite from their shopping site: It is my favorite 1- Because it is very clever.

2- The funnest sorority party each year was our annual Gunsling date party. Hmmm, maybe I should have a Gunsling(er) party this year...only instead of riding mechanical bulls, wearing western wear and drinking from a keg we could have an adult version. It would include absolutely nothing mechanical, we would wear aprons and drink wine. But, hey, we would still have a tshirt to commemorate the event.


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