Man's best friend

As you all know, I have a deep affection for my little men. Well, Janie sent me a link to the cutest stamp today, so I knew I had to pass this on and I had to include some other fun dog items for you to view. I so need to move so I can get one of these!!! The preppy dog could easily pass for a Carter or a Pudge and you can get a brown insert for all of you chocolate lab fans!
Iris gave my sister-in-law this Dog Book (along with an adorable puppy onesie) when she was pregnant with Max. And, I have gotten it for all of my dog loving pregnant friends ever since then. All the babies LOVE it! They can wag the puppies tales and pet the fur. Seriously, too cute! Mindy gave my two gentlemen this dog toy a few years back. They have since been featured on the cover. Twice.
This Christmas I found the perfect gift for Iris. She is very partial to her boxer, Bella, and her rescued mastiff, Josie. Are these not the sweetest salt and pepper shakers? They look just like her little girls. And, they are kissing!!!
Since, I am partial to labs, I am going to feature them below. But, Gianna Rose sells the most ADORABLE dog soaps. (I think Iris introduced these to me too.) The packaging is impeccable but the soaps are even cuter. Love them!
So, share your favorite puppy finds or any cute puppy pictures or, even better, invite me over to play with your puppy! ; ) It will make my day!


  1. We have that dog book for Bella, she loves dogs so really loves this book. Rhiana

  2. I feel like such a celebrity!! Glad you love the stamp!! And I can't wait for "Ranger" to fall in love with the book!


  3. It's so fun to have friends that love their little ones the way we do!!! I truly love my boxer salt and pepper shakers... The next thing we need to talk about in relation to dogs is this: Every cute puppy / dog baby outfit, blanket, or toy seem to be for boys! What about little girls that need cute doggie outfits and things???



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