You know when you see people’s wedding or baby pictures set to music on their photographer’s website? I always wondered if the photographers had a special software….well, today while reading my current issue of Entrepreneur magazine I found my answer. The answer is And, it is available to all of us! A 30 second video is free too! Watch the video on the homepage and read the article here. I am so impressed I am racking my brain to try to figure out something to feature in multiple slideshows!

Please send me links to your movies! I would do one for you guys...but, you know, I am in class! ; )


  1. I actually made my own slideshow for our wedding reception. I just knew I could do it myself for cheaper than we would have to pay someone! I ended up paying $60 to download the software, but I loved doing it and now I can make more any time! Still waiting for that opportunity... :) I used Proshow Gold and it has fades, transitions, timing, music editing, etc. I wish I had a link to show you!


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