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I am picky, for sure. But, I appreciate decadent and high quality foods. I am curious if anyone who reads this has had their favorite food items shipped to them from another state. I never have...probably because it is a little cost prohibitive but here are some restaurants/bakeries I would definitely consider ordering from. But, I would love some reader comments on their experiences!

Someone once told me that Garrett's Popcorn was the best they ever had. So good that they had waited in line for over an hour. Seriously, popcorn? It cannot be that good. Um, I was wrong. They were right. I would wait in line for this.Giordano's is another Chicago favorite. Look at all that cheese. I am craving this just looking at it.
I cannot remember whose birthday it was but Kelsey made the packaged version of these and they were beyond fabulous. I would love to have some Sprinkle's Cupcakes sent in these adorable boxes! Oprah has talked about these Williams Sonoma Croissants on her Favorite Things show for years now. If they are good enough for Oprah they are good enough for me! I am dying to try these.
Last week Megan had a watch party for the college football game. One of her guests brought strawberries from Shari's Berries. They were amazing. They were so juicy and the chocolate was perfect!I have always been a fan of the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Probably because it means I am at an outlet mall. Are they located anywhere else? (Also, have you guys noticed a theme here--desserts!) They seriously have some of the best caramel apples. My personal fave is the one covered in mini m&ms.
I would love to know what foods you guys have ordered online! Fill me in on the details. I will live vicariously through you.


  1. Someone sent me the Garrett's popcorn as a Christmas gift... Let me tell you it was AWESOME... even close to a month later what little is left is delicious. If you are thinking about ordering/sending a food gift to someone it would be worth it-maybe I will send you some! Love you! Al

  2. Garrett's equals AMAZING!!! you will not be disappointed!! i recommend the caramel and cheddar!!!awesomeness!!!!!!!!!kelsey

  3. I've never ordered it online but have heard you could. I love giordanos pizza!! It's my first stop every time I'm in chi town! It's amanda Johnson pettit by the way. I read your blog on my phone all the time.I love it!

  4. We have the croissants from Williams-Sonoma at Christmastime. The chocolate ones are wonderfully delicious! You would love love love them!!

    Emily B

  5. the popcorn is delish!! I love it!! Also, we were driving in jenks on sunday and we are getting a fresh berry! I have never been.. but after reading your blog about it.. had been wanting to goo! I almost did a back flip in the car!

  6. I have had Sheri's berries a couple of times and they are amazing, well worth it. I also wanted to let you know there is a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in the Galleria in Dallas! Love the blog, Amy

  7. Giordano's Pizza is wonderful! Brent actually packed a piece to bring home to me from Chicago about 5 or 6 years ago. It made it home on the flight, and it was still good!! I think you can order it to be delivered, but delivery is like $45 and it comes in dry ice. It may have changed now. Yum!

    Love your blog!
    Stephanie W.

  8. Those Shari's Berries were good! They may have been the juiciest strawberries I've ever had, after a couple I peeled off the chocolate to eat just the strawberry :-)


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