Save this Pastry!

Tonight I went a to a really nice dinner with Becky of Miss Bee's and her husband. Becky's husband opens the QT Kitchens across the US and I was telling him my favorite pastry that QT carries is the Strawberry Cheese Croissant (SCC from here on out). Well, apparently the SCC needs a little boost in sales, so I am now on a campaign to do it! (Thank God, I got one this morning on my way to work---yes, I worked on a Saturday!!!)

Let me tell you about the SCC. It is a relatively little known pastry but has been my favorite since age 7. No lie. I had very sophisticated taste as a child. Every Friday my dad would take my sister and I to the Brookshires Bakery and we could get one breakfast item. Being the creature of habit that I am, I never failed to get a SCC. Allison would probably try a million items, but I would ALWAYS get this.

Fastforward 15 years. Since leaving Shreveport, I no longer knew of anyone who carried the SCC. Well, lo and behold, Reasors carried it. So, on special occassions I would stop into Reasors and get one. On my 26th birthday, I go into Reasors to treat myself and I find out that they have stopped carrying them...sales were too low. (Rough start to that birthday.) So, imagine my excitement this year when I see that QT is now selling them.

I cannot have another business stop selling these delicacies due to slow sales. You are seriously missing out. I promise you will love them and they are only like a $1.29 and you can get the Fat Free Cappuccino to go with it. You will thank me, I promise. Now go buy your Sunday paper and get a SCC!


  1. Oh those were the days! I sure did love those SCC too. I don't think it was so much that I would "try a million things" but more or less I would eat a million things- dad would let me get breakfast and a cookie for later. And I am sure I ate it all. This may be one of my fondest memories as kids... our little ritual. Love you!


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