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I had this really great post for today which included some fabulous gifts that I saw on the Today Show and some really fun gifts that I found in Real Simple. And, well, I left the Real Simple magazine in my car. And the car is outside. And it is simply too cold for me to get it. So, I guess that might be my hook for tomorrow night's blog post.

Today on the Today Show I caught a really great segment on edible mail order gifts. And, in an annoying turn of events, the Today Show has taken away their embed link from their site. So, I guess you can get it here. (That link was given begrudgingly...)

For those of you too lazy to check the whole video out (don't worry, I won't judge) here are the highlights.

San Francisco sour dough bakery, Boudin, has a bread of the month club. Seriously, brilliant. Why didn't I think of this when I was doing research for the gift basket post???
Earlier this year I did a post on Aunt Sally's pralines. They are all delish, but the chewy ones are amazing. Not better than my mom's, but my doesn't sell them. So, I guess these will do.

For garlic lovers, how about this as a gift basket from Garlic World? Only $1.99 a jar, too.

I love specialty beverages. And I love cream soda. And it is German. And I went to Germany. And my husband is German. So, basically it is like I was meant to try these gourmet soda's from Sprecher's Brewery.

This whole gift basket from Henning's Cheese is only $29.95. Look at those flavors!

Okay you guys, I have like the biggest pretzel obsession ever. I make special trips to the mall just to go Auntie Anne's. (Side note, have you ever had their almond pretzel in the caramel dipping sauce? Go. Today.) Also featured today was Philly's Own Soft Pretzels. This whole box of 25 pretzels is only $15. Honestly, I can only get about 3 Auntie Anne's pretzels for that. Hmm...must try. Think of all the money I could save.

Lastly, as a huge sweet lover, I was intrigued by Mr. Tod's box of 10 mini pies and cheesecakes. Doesn't this look absolutely amazing?

More gift ideas tomorrow!


  1. Katie I'm so behind on blogging but I loved reading all your posts - you post the BEST stuff!! And the pictures of Finely are AMAZING!! I LOVE Mika Beth - she always does the pictures for my college roommate's kids and I can't wait for her to do ours!! :)


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