3 New Favorite Things

Yesterday, my friend Megan gave me the most delicious gift. It totally makes up for the no-smell fake tree. Even Tommy walked by (unbeknownst to him that I got a new candle) and commented on the most wonderful Christmas tree smell. You guys MUST get this. It is a Thymes candle in Frasier Fir. Totally cheaper than a real tree, too.
Next, I am reading the cutest book! So cute that I stayed up until midnight reading it. So cute that I am totally paying for it today. Anyway, book lovers, check out Chasing Harry Winston. Truthfully, I like it a lot better than The Devil Wears Prada. Didn't you just want to tell Andy to get a backbone?
Lastly, are you guys not just loving Modern Family? Even better, Tommy and I now have another show to add to our roster of things we like to watch together. Pickin's are slim in that arena. We have The Office, The Soup and um, yeah, I think that is pretty much it. Sadly, since it is the first season it is not out on DVD yet. But, you know, maybe next Christmas....
I am working on some fun posts for you guys. My friend, Stephanie, asked me to find some gift basket ideas for her. I also have my sister doing a guest post on her favorite things for baby. And I will give a full recap to Napa. Until then, XOXO.


  1. Oh my gosh Katie! Fred and I are loving Modern Family. We both were laughing hysterically tonight. Recieved my Pioneer Woman cookbook from Amazon.com. All three of them. Bought two extras for Christmas gifts. Hope yall had a great trip. Love MO.

  2. LOVE Modern Family! Best new show by far. The gay couple just kill me- when they lock their baby in the car! HiLARious!

  3. I love that book! MF is one of the only shows the hubs and I can watch together too. It is so funny.

  4. Absolutely LOVE Modern Family...so funny! Glad you like your candle :-)


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