Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

Am I the only one wanting a white Christmas? A white Christmas Eve will do. What do you guys think? (A girl can dream, right?)

In other snow (globe) news...have you ever seen a cuter cupcake than these made by the talented Bakerella? I might die of cuteness.

Really, everything she does is so impeccable it is hard to believe it is food.

These are cake balls she made for the Pioneer Woman book signing in her town. Honestly, you guys, miniature cookbooks. I am in heaven.
And on her home page right now are easy instructions for these cupcakes.


  1. Not looking good on the Snow-Front....but what do I know? If it has snowed in Houston the last 2 years, maybe there is a chance!

    Love the cupcakes-mmmmmm cake.

  2. Um, yeah. I stand corrected.

    Here's to hoping Pudge and Carter can pull a sled!


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