This last week was absolutely crazy. (Note to readers, never plan a trip to wine country with a flight back that gets in at 11 p.m. and have to go to work the next morning. Makes for a long week.) My otherwise quiet, normal nights at home were interrupted with fun events like a cooking night at Sage Culinary Studio.

You guys, Catherine now has adult cooking classes! It is like she knew people like me needed help in the kitchen. (I have actually come to the conclusion I would make a better soux chef than the primary cook in my house. Too bad Tommy has NO interest in being head chef.)

Well, while I was visiting I noticed that she not only has her collection of logo aprons....

But has dramatically increased her apron offerings to include these handmade vintage aprons.

All of the aprons are one of a kind. The designer only gets enough material to make one apron (or one apron and a matching mini-apron for your tiny chef).

I love the idea that these are so exclusive. You know, who doesn't want to own the ONLY cute apron out there?

She now carries several different lines, including this other cute print!

Also, if you have never visited, Catherine also has all kind of gift items in the front of the studio. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned my American Girl obsessesion (as a little girl I looked JUST like Samantha). I never got a doll...they were too expensive. (Just so you know, Samantha is now retired. I almost bought one about a year ago for my future little girl. However, I decided that was too big of a gamble on my unborn child that may be a boy. And truth be told, now that it is my money those dolls are EXPENSIVE!) But, I bet if they had a cookbook, I would have been a more motivated cook. So there.

And I thought these looked like a really fun cookie project for kids.

All holiday season, Catherine has fun classes for kids like her Bake and Take classes where little chefs prepare cookies, muffins, cakes or other treats and take them home to share with their family.
For more info, visit her online at


  1. Thank you, Katie!! You're the best! Catherine

  2. Oh! Aprons getting added to my holiday shopping list...and wish list!

    Which class did you take? What did you think? I'd call myself a medium good (medium rare?) cook. But always looking to improve my knowledge!


  3. Two things I love!!!!! Aprons AND remembering my dream of also having an American Girl Doll! I wished I could have had just one doll to teach me about birthday surprises, sharing and perfect little outfits and trunks full of clothes. Such and injustice that our parents thought better than to spend a zillion dollars on a doll.


  4. Hi, Katie,
    Although I haven't posted a comment lately, I want you to know that I am still your most faithful blog reader!!! I'm enjoying all the Christmas gift ideas, and it would be great if we had someone like Catherine in Shreveport!! I have already told Karen that I want to be the one to buy Alex her first American Girl doll . . I have always loved them!!! I had brunch for sixteen people at my house today!! Can you believe that there are still sixteen of us who graduated in 1958, and we can still get together? It was a lot of fun!! Love, Aunt Angie

  5. Secret confession - also wanted an American Girl doll but was too "old" when they came out. However, have always loved getting the catalog. Now that I have a little girl, I have already blown $$ on one for her. Yes, it's true. I bought her this year's "Doll of the Year" b/c it looks just like Addison (or at least, project Addison at about age 7!!!). And, having watched a good friend of mine go through an ordeal last February to get her 6 year old a doll that "looked" like her that was "retired" on Ebay, I decided to act now, and simply put the doll "away" for later. However, my mother and I have already enjoyed some time staring at it through the box!!! And, i have had to talk my grandmother out of buying her one of the historical dolls that is retiring b/c I keep telling her they are so expensive and Addison will want to choose her own "history" doll probably. They know just how to "hook us" don't they at American Girl!!!
    Anyway, for Allison's baby post next year (when Ms. Finley is one), I can let you know how Addison likes her upcoming "Santa" surprise - she is "asking" for the PB Kids cloth baby doll Abby and the Polka Dot Pram. My mom is giving her the PB Kids doll diaper bag and clothes! She played with them in the store and it was hard to drag her away! I think I will have as much fun as she will this Christmas! Hee hee! love, jennifer


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