Napa...2 weeks later

Talk about a delayed reaction. Two weeks ago I got back from Napa. But, you know, gift giving season took precedence.

The scenery was beautiful.
The food was excellent.

Finley even loved it.
The wine was excellent.

The wineries were stunning.
Again, the food was pretty good. ; )

My mom and I took a small detour to this factory. (Have I ever mentioned my love for factories on here?)

The architecture was so unique.

The company was fabulous.

Bottom line on my trip: I would love to go back.


  1. This looks like so much fun! I am totally jealous. Wine+yummy food+gorgeous surroundings definitely equals a good time! And the adorable company you had is definitely hard to top! She's just presh!!

  2. Finley really has to stop. Like right now. cause I can't handle it anymore. Seriously.

    I am not kidding. Now. My computer may crash from over-cuteness.

    In the case of that event, I will send you a bill. ;)


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