I have been meaning to tell you all about these fabulous tortillas I get at the grocery store. Honestly, this is the closest you will get to homemade tortillas without going to a restaurant or making them yourself (that sounds hard!)

For you visual people, here is a picture of the package. They sell these in the refrigerator section at the Walmart Neighborhood Market. In mine (on 21st and Yale) they are below the cream cheese on the bottom part of the fridge.

They are super easy too. All you have to do is heat your skillet and place in the center.
Look how super delicious they are! They bubble get the little brown spots, just like the restaurant. Tonight I made a super easy dinner of tortilla roll-ups. I just put shaved lunch meet and cheese in them and Tommy thinks I am some kind of domestic goddess!

And, for dessert, I am having one of my most favorites in the whole wide world - pralines. My mom's are the most amazing! But, these Aunt Sally's pralines were a great 2nd runner up! Tommy was sweet. He knows how much I love pralines and his boss was going to New Orleans, so he asked him to pick me some up. I have always felt like pralines went with Mexican food, anyway. I think it stems from the El Chico in Shreveport selling them at the cashier stand...those and chiclets. Heaven!


  1. Those tortillas do look kind of like homemade! Especially in the skillet. I make all my own tortillas now, so if you ever want some real live homemade ones, just let me know! :)

  2. Katie! I just read your Project Runway twitter and couldn't decide where I should comment!! Agh!! That is hilARious! And also, had they gotten married, her name would have been Kenley Penley!!!!

  3. Katie - who are you kidding?? You ARE a DOMESTIC GODDESS!!! And I think Tommy knows it! he is a lucky man! We think you are absolutely fabulous! And I agree...pralines are the perfect end to a mexican meal! If only they were not so time consuming to make...all that stirring! makes my arms tired thinking about it! Love all the recent posts and am looking forward to seeing you guys for Papa DeFatta's 95th b-day....let's do a grown-up cousins get-together after the party, ok??? love, jennifer (i.e., no little kiddos!!)


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