An Oklahoma Christmas

This weekend I ventured to Dwelling Spaces in downtown Tulsa for the first time. And, oh my gosh, it was so cute!

With my little Nebraska niece due to arrive in the next few weeks, I had to get her some gifts so she wouldn't forget her roots. Her gift medly includes a I heart Tulsa onesie. Looks like this, only white and a onesie.

Also, when she learns her ABCs she can learn them based off Tulsa references in her new book ABC in Tulsa. (I picked up my copy at Borders. I didn't see them at Dwelling Spaces, but that doesn't mean it wasn't there.)

Since she won't be Okie Grown, I could not get her this tee, but isn't presh?

I also fell in love with these Oklahoma pillows sold by CuddleMonster. She also had the most ADORABLE owl pillows. There were lots of fun products by Oklahoma etsy sellers. One item in particular was a little crayon pouch, but I couldn't find the etsy seller online. I promise, though, it was super cute. You will just have to go there and see.

There are lots of Louis & Cluck t-shirts for adults, too.
Oh, look, this is Allison's friend, Jennifer.

And, you can pick up all of Jack Frank's excellent Tulsa documentaries. (And, he is a really nice guy, too. He was signing films in the store Saturday while I was there.)

Dwelling Spaces is located at 1st and Detroit right next to Yokozuna. Definitely a great place to hit up if you are looking for unique, last minute gifts!


  1. Those OK pillows are adorable! I need to go check out that store.

  2. I don't know if you are talking about the same thing, but while I was at the Interior Galleria (local shopping in NWA that is a variety of booths from all kinds of sellers) I came across this crayon pouch that was the cutest thing ever. It held crayons on one side and paper on the other and velroed together. Her website is I wish she had all the stuff she makes on her blog because it is all so incredible. Anywho, just thought I would share.

  3. Just make sure you fill the coloring items with "washable Crayola colors"....that's all I request as a Mama of toddlers. Trust me on this one. As a mama of a certain 19-month old who likes to "cug-uh" and "stick-uh" on items other than paper when the opportunity presents itself (i.e., when my back is turned!!!) washable EVERYTHING is the way to go!!! Ha ha! The mothers will thank you for being so thoughful in your gift-giving!!! (and their furniture and walls will thank you too!!! hee hee!) Love, Jennifer


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