Christmas for the Under Two Set

We had Christmas early this year with Tommy's family, so I thought I would share with you all what I got Baby Max.

It is hard to believe what a difference a year makes. This is Max last year at Christmas at 9 months old.

He has sure gotten to be a cute little man!

This year I got Max a little Picture Me book from Snapfish with him as the star.

I am a little disappointed in Target because the other gifts I got him are not online. But everything else pictured came from there. (Of course.) We got him a little monster tent. Apparently, it is also comfortable for a 28-year old man.

Seriously, Aunt Katie, clothes? Those aren't fun :)!

However, I am so loving the Paul Frank line at Target and he HAD to have these pajamas.

Allison's gift to Max was a huge hit. Just look at that smile!
I am also blessed to have a Godson who is only one month younger than Max. He also had a Paul Frank Christmas.

And I also got him his first set of colors. They are really big so tiny hands can manuever them better.

As for me, we had quite a surpise under the tree this year from Tommy's family:
I am loving it so far! I am a huge reader and the way the screen is set up it is like you are really looking at a book. My first download is the new Jen Lancaster book. Nothing like a beach read in the middle of winter!


  1. He is ADORABLE!! I love Jen Lancaster's books.

  2. I think you did a great job on your gifts for the under-2 set! And I think you will love your Kindle when you get used to it! Dwayne surprised me with the Sony eReader (same type device, different maker) for our anniversary earlier this year and at first I was a bit resistant. I mean, who doesn't truly enjoy cracking open an actual book or visiting the library and toting home a sack full of books? But, I must say I am loving it now! It's fun to finish a book, and know that my next one is just a download away!!! And, the portability is great - fits in my purse! Enjoy! And can't wait to hear how you like the Jen Lancaster - I'm up to having read 4 out of 4 of hers, and am anxiously awaiting her new book coming out in the spring!!! She's so funny! love, Jennifer

  3. Max is SO cute!! You did great on your gift selections, as always. I love the book idea! I've been resistant to the kindle but maybe I need to give in??


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