Today I came across the cutest site – iDiY. The site is designed for DIY brides, but really a wedding is just one big party, so the concepts work for showers, parties and casual get togethers. Or at least I say they do. And it’s my blog, so I make the rules.

Though I have not been to a wedding in well over a year and I am really not that into shower games, I thought this he says/she says was a cute idea and could be fun. Also, check out pics from the entire shower at the Scoop. It was stunning.

Love these vintage tins? Well, you can make print them yourself for free! These would look great on a table with daisies, a cheese tray and grapes. And when you do that, please invite me over.
I also am in love with this cd cover from Benign Objects. Even nicer, you can download the template for free here.

I am all about simple projects and I love the look of this wreath. It is just ribbon cut and knotted around a wire circle. Easy enough? Well, probably is until I try it. Full details are available on The Long Thread.

I am a huge fan of envelope wraps. Though I have never received one, that doesn’t mean I can’t love them, right? These are available for download for free from LeBlahg.


  1. Love your finds!! Thanks for sharing!! I hope the snow is melting!!


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