A new kind of Christmas Tree

Doesn't everyone have a jewelry box that looks similar to this?

Well, now I have a little project for you. A few years ago my mom had seen an idea at an open house on taking old costume jewelry and using it to make a piece of art. So she, my mother-in-law, Tommy's aunt and Tommy's sister, decided to make their own jewelry tree. (I helped my mom with her tree, but they happened to plan their night of craftiness when I had other plans. It is hard being as busy as me ; )

This is my mom's tree getting close to completion.

I think this is Tommy's aunt's tree. (Hard to say since I wasn't there...)

Tommy's mom's tree.
I am pretty sure this is Kristen's.
I think the finished product turned out really good.

As far as supplies, they just used old jewelry, a velour backing and fabric glue. Easy enough, right?


  1. LOVE IT! what a great idea and so pretty,too!

  2. How cool!! That is such a neat idea and I love the way they turned out.

  3. I love, love, love the Christmas trees!! It would be great to make one of those someday. Thanks for sharing. Love, Aunt Angie


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