Fan Club and Celeb Gifts

Today was a big day! I have only had two exciting happenings on my blog. The first was when Linda Fuller, wife of Habitat for Humanity founder Millard Fuller, found my blog and commented on a post about a house being built in memory of my dad.

And the second was today. You guys, I am now pretty much the unofficial chair of the Auntie Anne's fan club! She found me because of yesterday's blog post. Okay, so maybe Auntie Anne didn't find me. But someone on her staff did, which is pretty much the same thing. As a huge fan of Auntie Anne's I have been rewarded for my loyalty (this loyalty is deep, seriously, I walked and walked and walked around the Oakland airport when I went to Napa just to get a pretzel. Now tell me that isn't loyal. There were lots of options. I am just sayin'.) I am now going to be the proud owner of several free pretzels. I bet you all want to be my friend now!

While talking to my nice representative from Auntie Anne's, she mentioned another great gift for other pretzel lovers out there - a make your own pretzel kit! And at $12.95 you cannot beat the price. I might have to do this instead of making Christmas cookies this year. Christmas pretzels would be a great new tradition.

So, now for my celeb gifts. Technically, I am not sure these are celeb gifts, but they were in US Weekly, so close enough.

Janie, I immediately thought of you when I saw this gift - A Dog's Life Wine. It is a mix of your two favorite things, wine (granted, it is not Franzia) and pups. And 2 bottles for only $25 - steal.

Isn't this sleeve for your to-go coffee just so clever? Only $5, people. Available at the Container Store.
Supposedly Denise Richards' daughters have this crayon apron from Chasing Fireflies. Either way, this apron is really cute and so is the online store.

More gift ideas tomorrow.


  1. You are SO famous!! That is awesome...I told you your blog was greatness...look at it getting noticed!! :)

  2. Wow, you are really famous. I told you that you should be paid for your blog. Oprah should hire you to find her favorite things for her. love, mom

  3. Love the crayon apron! Too cute! Hannah needs one! So I was searching around on the website and found this.... am I the only one a bit disturbed by this? YUCK! It's a Pewter Tooth Fairy Kit...Keep a complete set of your child's baby teeth in this magical pewter box. Inside is a cubby for each baby tooth, from the 1st to 20th. The kit comes with a pewter coin to guide the Tooth Fairy and a reminder coin for parents, 2 satin pouches, and a chart for recording the date each tooth was lost and what gift was received.

  4. Great job Katie! Chasing Fireflies is awesome - I get their catalog. It has wonderful things inside! So fun! And congrats on the pretzel and Habitat nods from the "higher ups" - knew you would get noticed before can't keep greatness down!!! And it would be great if you could work for Oprah, or maybe her "O" magazine! love, Jennifer (loyal blog reader, before the big fame and fortune of blog author Katie Segner becomes a household name!!!)


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