A little Tardy to the Party

I came across the world's greatest holiday newsletter this week! Everyone knows what it's like to get the traditional newsletter with news of promotions, accomplishments, trips and greatness of your friends and family. While those can be fun to read, I absolutely love these newsletters from Merry Newsinator (you can click here to see this larger and create your own).

It is basically an electronic mad libs that shoots out a fabulous holiday message that you can post on Facebook, twitter or email to friends and family. And, since I never quite got around to sending out a holiday card, here is mine to share. As you can see it was a VERY EXCITING year in our household as noted in the New in '09 box.

You guys must create one and share with me. I am patiently waiting.


  1. That's cute, Katie . . . you are so clever!!! I hope you and Tommy have a very Holy, Happy, and Healthy New Year. I love you,
    Aunt Angie

  2. Oh look! You've ordered some thinner thighs from the same place I have! :)

    This is a really cute idea. Happy New Year!


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