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This morning my friend Janie sent me the most clever gift I have ever seen. It is also hilarious. I laughed for about 3 minutes once I figured out what it was. They are smittens (you know, mittens built for the happy couple) from Restoration Hardware.

Last night I had a fun dinner with my friend Megan. While at dinner we discussed her inability to wear a non-matching undergarment set. Personally, I am unmatched all the time. (Probably more about me than you ever wanted to know. Maybe I should do a poll on I normal or is Megan the norm?) I do have a huge issue with not wearing matching socks. However, my sister does not have the same inner issues I do. So I had another giggle this morning when I saw these Little Mismatched Socks featured on the Today Show. She would be the perfect candidate for these socks.
If you are looking for a last minute gift for a little one in your life, you can give them a gift. This way it doesn't look like you forgot to get them something. Instead, you have a project you can do together. See, it pays to wait until the last minute. Basically, this is like Build a Bear, but instead of stuffing it, you create the features on the outside of the doll.

I cannot for the life of me remember if I have featured these before. (Good chance I have.) These are sculptures made from business cards from
Anyone see a common thread here? No? Happy Christmas Eve's Eve!


  1. umm no you are totally normal to not match :) Actually I think that most people do-I didnt know this until college... when people made fun of me about wearing mis matched socks and PJ's then I was informed that people matched their undiea-who knew? Apparently everyone but us!

  2. I'll be interested to see everyone's comments to find out which of us is normal. I just think what if I was rushed to the ER and they had to rip off all my clothes?? I'm at peace knowing if strangers are going to see me in my undies I will match!

  3. I'm like you - unmatched undergarments but always matching socks. So, I think you are completely normal!! :)


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