My love affair with paper

Honestly, I love paper products. I love stripes, I love fonts, I love polka dots. You would think I wrote a ton of handwritten letters or had an awesome desk to store all of this fun stuff in. But, no, alas, we have a tiny house and it is all in a cabinet. But, that does not stop me from buying.

I have 2 cute paper products to showcase! First, Hope with Cards with Hope has the most adorable notepads showcased on her blog!

They are mommy notepads! These are a little less traditional than those you normally see, though, because they made especially for canine (or could be from kitty) mommies! Um, hello, world's best stocking stuffer!!!! I think I might get mine to say World's Best Pup Mother!

So today, when doing my "blog research" I came across the most unusual paper product I have ever seen on Donny Deutsch's blog. (For more on my love for Donny, read here). The owner of the company Flying Wish Paper wrote a guest blog about her experience on the show and her product. I have honestly never seen anything like it. Here is the basic premise (from the website):

Flying Wish Paper™ is a new party activity —a WISHING KIT that features all the materials you need to “Write it, Light it and Watch it Fly!”—giving your wishes new life and meaning. The activity can be ceremonial or whimsical, somber or festive, but it is always inspirational.

It is not very expensive and I think it would be interesting to try at Thanksgiving or at a shower or something. I watched the video and I am intrigued! If anyone has ever tried it, let me know what you think!


  1. I have had experience with the Flying Wish Paper. I purchased some for my sister's wedding. It was so much fun. Everyone loved it. We had all the guests write their wishes for the bride and groom while they were off doing photos. Later in the evening we had everyone light their wish papers and they all flew up in the air. It was symbolic, sentimental, unique, and fun. I also opted to carry them in my shop. I own The Gift Garden in Broken Arrow and anyone interested in seeing them in person are welcome to come by. I would be happy to let you try it for yourself. I am at 516 N Main (next door to Goodyear). I will also have them available from my website soon at

    I think they will be great at Thankgsiving gatherings, New Year's resolutions, wedding showers, baby showers, and so much more.


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