Cards with Hope!

I have been so excited to blog about my new client, Hope. I have mentioned her before in a few posts, but I finally have progress to show! Hope has a very established custom card and invitation business (so much more than that, actually!) and is in the process of rebranding. Fun!!

You can visit her current site to see all of her awesome items. But, she is totally changing up her image to reflect a more modern design aesthetic. I absolutely love it. Hope has great taste and is so easy to work with, which makes my job really easy. She also has some great ideas. (It was her idea to have the flower coming out of the "i" in her logo -- brilliant!)

Another thing I love about her design, is that it has a lot of meaning behind it. Hope has launched a new blog and you can read all about her design (and I got the spotlight today too!! Yay me!!) and how we came about the design and her tagline. Visit her blog at: to read all about it.

Hope also had me design her blog logo. We took the main design from the logo so that all of her branding ties together. So cute!
For some reason, I couldn't get this to come in very clear, but these will be her gift tags on all of her products. They are so cute. We incorporated her grandmother's saying "especially for you" as her tagline. I love it because it has so much sentiment in it and it also implies her product personalization!

Hope also has marketing down! With a purchase of her products she gives her clients a free pen with her logo. Is that not genious? What better "free gift" for paper purchase than a pen? Above is the design we created for her new pens. Too cute!

Hope and I have also come up with an awesome business card for her, so I cannot wait to post it soon! More to come!

Off to watch some tv --- sadly, I have been watching Greatest American Dog (reason 1 -- love dogs, reason 2 -- knew Travis Brorsen in college, so it is kind of intriguing to watch someone you know on tv) and then Project Runway. I cannot get enough of it. Carry on everyone!


  1. Super cute Katie! It totally looks like Hope!! Hope...I'm excited for you!!


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