Science of Yes

Okay you guys, I am reading the BEST book! It is called “YES! 50 scientifically proven ways to persuasive.” To be honest, I thought hard about letting you in on this little secret but the book is so good that I had to share. The book is written in 50 2-3 page chapters, making it a really easy read. The premise of the book is that getting people to say yes to you is not an art, but a science and by learning the simple science behind it we can all be more persuasive. This is especially fascinating for me, being in marketing. The way you phrase a sentence can have a profound effect on whether or not you illicit a response from a consumer, your child, your spouse, etc… Truly fascinating.

One story mentioned in the book was with regards to the informercial for the NordicTrak. The salesperson changed a simple sentence in her message and had 50% higher sales that day because of what she said. In the past, she had said “Call now, Operators are standing by.” Instead she changed the words to “If the line is busy, call again.” Why did this work? We no longer picture operators bored out of their mind, sitting by their phone waiting for someone to call. We now picture volumes of people calling, an excited call center, tons of traffic. This means that other people must like the product. It also creates a sense of urgency. So, what may have actually sound like an inconvenience to the caller now makes more people call!

The psychology and science in all of the vignettes are fascinating. Definitely a must read for anyone! Click here for an excerpt.
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