We're not in Kansas anymore...

This weekend Tommy and I went with Megan and Andy to the fabulous city of Hutchinson, KS. Truthfully, I didn't have super high hopes for Hutchinson, but it definitely exceed all of my expectations. Believe it or not, 2 of the 8 wonders of Kansas (I had no idea there were 8 wonders of KS either) are in Hutchinson.

Our Saturday morning started out with a trip to the Underground Salt Museum. It was seriously fascinating (and educational.) The museum is located 650 feet under the earth's surface. This makes it the perfect place to store documents and historical artifacts, as there is no change in temperature (it is always 68 degrees), very little humidity and safety from terrorism or weather related events. Because of this, movie studios send all original film reels, some movie paraphenalia and other documents to be stored in the mine. Other stuff is stored down there too, but the celebrity information really stuck with me.

Isn't Tommy cute? He is collecting salt as a memento. You will not see me in any pictures, as I looked awful. I insisted on wearing my hood under the hard hat so that I would not get head lice (I am paranoid)...I realized after the tour that they do disinfect the hard hats.
Andy shook one of these boxes -- believe it or not, we don't think that they store the reels on the museum portion of the tour.
Look at the happy couple!
Outfit of Mrs. Ricky Bobby in the museum.
Andy and I did decide that they probably did, in fact, send the movies in these boxes, but probably store them elsewhere in the mine for safekeeping.

Next, we went on a short tour of Hutchinson and drove by their zoo, skate park, water park and then made a stop at their new dog park! Very progressive little town.

That afternoon, we went to a cute little shop called Apron Strings and went to a cheesecake making demonstration. YUM--honestly, best crust ever. I got lots of cute little things here too. I found these cocktail tags that you put around the bottom of wine glasses...I am going to try to make some. Guess what everyone will get in their stocking for Christmas if they turn out cute?!

We were also treated to fabulous food by Megan's parents. Tommy actually made the comment yesterday he wanted to go back and have someone cook for him again. Poor thing. I am going to try a chicken cordon bleu tonight...we'll see how that goes.


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