He is getting so big!

I have posted several times about my little nephew, Max. Tommy and I are just smitten with him! Everywhere we go, we want to buy him something! Seriously, everywhere! Recently, we went to Disney World and we searched high and low for a Teddy Bear with a dierndel (sp) for Max! (Side note, Tommy's mom is 100% German). Well, Tommy had to settle for a German Mickey Mouse for Max. He was so funny about it too. He did NOT want to buy a Mickey Mouse. I think Max will love it either way!
He is really maturing. Look at his sweet eyes!
Kristen is teeny tiny, so you can see that Max is really getting big! He is about half her size ; )
And, what a milestone! His first tooth is coming in!

I just wish he was closer so we could see him more often!


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