Hi Everyone, it's Allison again. I had so much fun talking about organizing yesterday, Katie said I could do it again today! I told her we can consider this a "short series" on organizing.

Today I thought I would talk about my favorite place to organize-THE KITCHEN. I absolutely love to cook and can walk through any kitchen store for hours. When I got married I may have registered for every gadget in Williams-Sonoma... and I think I have used all of them. I love kitchens too because they always seem to be the hub of the house. Everyone tends to gather in the kitchen. But alot of gadgets and people can sometimes leave a kitchen with alot of clutter. These are some of my all time favorite kitchen organizers.

I have a ton of these in my kitchen cabinets. It is amazing how quickly they help organize your cabinets. Katie doesn't have much cabinet space in her house... these really came in handy and we were able to use every inch of space in her cabinets. I use them for my glasses, mugs, plates and serving pieces too. These can be purchased at almost any home store (Target, Wal-Mart, Container Store)

I can't get enough of these... I put all of my spices on them and bottles that I store in my cabinet. I also use them in my bathroom under my cabinet (I'll tell you more about that in another post :)

These are perfect for all of your canned goods. The "stadium" design on them helps you to see everything even in the back. I got my mom a few of these because she was always buying things she already had because she couldn't see what was in the back of her cabinets.

These are perfect for all of your pans and baking sheets. I always hated stacking my baking sheets on top of each other because inevitably the one I would need would end up at the bottom of one messy pile... these are so awesome-they are sturdy and the vertical design helps open up more cabinet space too. They are also very reasonably priced.

I found these a while back while looking through The Container Store catalog and decided I had to have them. I can't remember what I did when I didn't have these-they are genius! I use one for my pots and pans lids and another for all of the lids to my plastic containers. I stack the lid organizer on top of a wire shelf (like above) and then stack my containers below the lids-no more looking every where for that darn lid.

I always hate to throw out the plastic bags I get when grocery shopping (I am convinced the day I throw them all out I will need them) This little holder is a great way to keep from having a bag mess in your cabinet.

I really could go on for hours! To me the kitchen is one place that can be a bit challenging to get organized, but once it is complete it seems to be one of the easiest to keep in order.

I found all of the products listed today at http://www.thecontainerstore.com/.

Have a great weekend! More to come...


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