Hooray! My first contest!!!

This week I came across an adorable card concept that really made me want to say "Hooray!" The company, Inspired Designs, creates petite cards that you can slip into a lunch box, attach to a bottle of wine, hang on a gift or just offer a little "pick me up" to a friend. I love these because they say exactly the right thing but are cute and personal too!

First, lets talk about packaging! Aren't these reusable tins adorable? Love them!

Each card also comes with a ribbon to easily "finish off" your gift or add that special touch.

There are five different themes to choose from and each tin includes 12 unique cards.

Theme 1 - Hooray for Girlfriends! Isn't this cute? Check out the other samples here.

This card came from the Hooray for Friends and Neighbors tin.

I love a little inspiration in my day. I would love for this (or any of the Hooray for Grace cards) to show up anonymously on my desk at work : ).
Hooray for Love! Enough said.
I went to elementary school with this boy named Tommy Semon. His mom always put handwritten little notes in his lunch box and we would all read them everyday. Loved them. Hooray for Kids! cards are so cute and would be the talk of the lunch room. For sure.

The cards retail for $12.95 for a tin of 12. For an online retailer check on of these sites.

I want to say Hooray for my readers!!! I love you guys! And, I love you so much that Erica at Inspired Designs is going to give one lucky reader a few tins to try out! To enter the contest, all you have to do is to reply to this post with your name and your "Hooray" for the day! Please reply by Friday at 5:00 PM CST. A winner will be announced Saturday!


  1. Emily Neurohr
    Hooray for the gift of life!
    So happy to be alive and well!

  2. Hooray for pets! They bring so much joy to our lives and help us live longer :-)

  3. Stephanie Cliff
    Hooray for love - significant others, friends & family who make our lives so much richer!

  4. Hooray for contests! These cards are so ingenious! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hooray for friends (like Katie) who help make dreams a reality!

  6. Hooray for sweet boys who make there Momma's life so much sweeter!

  7. HOORAY for Jack!!! My little man will be celebrating his 2nd birthday this weekend!!!!

  8. Hooray for Katie! Your daily blog is something I look forward to reading each day - a little gem in a stay @ home mom's life of diapers & sippy cups & life's littlest blessings! Thanks for keeping me in touch with the grown-up world out there. Love you 'cuz! (Jennifer DeFatta)

  9. Hooray for Friday!
    Another work week bites the dust! :)

  10. Hooray for a great group of girlfriends!! They make me feel sane :)

    Emily Bunch

  11. Hooray for blogs! I have so much fun perusing them...blogity-blogs are my new time-waster...so long nest.com!

  12. Hooray for all of you young bloggers who let us keep up with your cute pictures, clever narratives, and great shopping tips. Love, Aunt Angie

  13. Hooray for our babysitter who takes care of the kids so that my husband and I can have regular date nights!!


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