Best Sister Ever

I love my sister! She was very sweet to blog for me while I was on vacation. She is really, really good at what she does. She has a full time job but still finds time to do professional organizing on the side. Oddly, this genetic trait of the desire to be clutter free somehow did not make it into my DNA. Oh well. I am lucky to have her. (See, mom, look how well we get along. You did good ; )
My sister also went above and beyond her sweet sisterly duties and cleaned and went grocery shopping for me while I was in Florida. (Granted, I am paying her, but still....) Would there be anything better than coming home from a long trip, only to have the messy house you left behind clean and sparkling awaiting your arrival? And, the pantry full of food for the week? I love her. Really, it is the simple things in life that delight me! Love you, Al!
I will post more this week about my trip and post some pics!


  1. Thanks Katie! You are the greatest sister ever! Thanks for always taking care of me and helping your little sister out. LOVE YOU!!

  2. Katie - when were you in Florida? We just got back from Destin! We were there last week - got home late Saturday nite! Blake, Kelli, & Sydney were in Panama City Beach the same week, and Uncle David & Aunt Chris were with some friends in Navarre Beach at the same time too. We didnt' get to see Uncle David & Aunt Chris, we tried but it didn't work out. We did spend 2 days with Blake, Kelli, & Sydney though. Hope you guys had a good trip! love, Jennifer (ps - when are you, Allison, Kyle, Tommy, & your mom coming down to S'port again???)


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