Oklahoma Sugar Art Show

Two of my most favorite events are held every fall. One, is the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show at the Fair and the other is Pet Costume Contest at the Boo Ha Ha parade around Halloween. Trust me, I will totally have pics after that too.

On Saturday, Allison, Andrea, Baby Addison and I went to the Tulsa State Fair to see the beautiful cakes that people from all over the US enter into our prestigious Sugar Art Show. These are some of my favorites!

This one is the Mona Lisa painted in icing. Isn't that amazing???
You know I love miniatures and then items that are super sized. This fits the bill of the latter. And, it is so cute!
I think this is technically just fondant, but the designer rolled it to look like a onesie and packaged it to look like a present. Precious!
This sushi looks so real. I wish I could do this! Unfortunately, I tried to take cake decorating with my mom and we HATED it! We did not have the patience, tried to cut class, ugh. I will leave cake decorating to the pros!
This is Baby Addison. Is she not darling??? I have never been around a baby that got so many compliments in my life. People would stop, smile, point and talk about how cute she is. One woman even took a picture of her! How funny is that?
We documented her first fair experience well! She was dressed up for the OSU game that day too. Go Pokes!
This is one of the entrants into the main Sugar Art competition. It was stunning. The theme this year was The Language of Flowers. And, you know I love flowers!
You can't really see the details on these cookies, but they were absolutely beautiful. They were all "fashioned" after designer wedding gowns.
This cake was also in the main competition. The detail in this cake was amazing. I am not sure if it was crooked, probably not, I am sure it was just my picture taking.

I loved this design on this cake. It would be pretty for a party, a wedding or an event.
I love seeing art like this. It is so beautiful and inspiring! Makes me want to create something!


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures from the show, I didn't make it and I love that kind of stuff too.


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