Amy Butler

I cannot sew. Even a button. My poor mother-in-law will take all of my stuff and sew them for me. (She is seriously the best!!) So, it is funny that I am posting about a fabric maker, Amy Butler. But, I feel like everywhere I turn I see something about her or one of her fabrics. I love her style and even her website is super cute: And, for those of you that can sew, she offers free patterns for super cool stuff on her site! Alot of these items would be awesome Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers. I would love the business card holders she features:
So, to show you guys some of her cute stuff I decided to go to my favorite site, Etsy, to give you a sample of her patterns and the cute things creative people are making out of her fabric!

Etsy seller, Klarson, sells these adorable burp cloths. They are only $7 too! How cute for so little!

Etsy seller, JillyD, sells super cute purses and diaper bags in Amy Butler fabrics. Also, I cannot believe how affordable Etsy is! This cute purse is only $28! Her diaper bags are also really, really cute and she sells them for $55. Steal!
Look at this bib from Tweedle Totes!! I love it! And, only $9.

Honestly, I could search for these all day! There is sooo much cute stuff! Just search for Amy Butler on Etsy and I promise you will find something you "must have" or a great gift...especially for a little girl!!


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