Why didn't I think of that???

Today on the website Start Up Nation, I came across a contest they are having for the 100 Best Home Based Businesses. There are so many great ideas and I get very inspired when I read about these entrepreneurs and their stories!

I love this idea ---a tray for kids (or coupons) that latches onto a shopping cart! It is also super affordable and clever. I really caught myself saying - Why didn't I think of that??

This idea is so innovative. It is a ring you put around your child's plate (they also make these for the elderly or people with disabilities) that helps them learn how to use utensils without knocking all of the food off of their plate. So smart!!!

I am so excited I came across the site Jexbo. It is an online community where self published authors can buy and sell books. I will post more about this soon, but my dad wrote a children's poetry book and I am helping my mom illustrate it. I will post a poem and some pics soon....whenever I find some spare time to work on the illustration : ).

More fun stuff to come soon!


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