Cleaning isn't just for Spring...

Hi Everyone! This is Katie's sister Allison, my sister was so sweet and asked me to do a few posts for her about my favorite topic-Organizing. As some of you may know I have recently started my own organizing business. I have always loved to organize, and there is something about this time of year that really gets me excited about it.

Everyone always talks about Spring cleaning, but I must say find myself organizing more in the Fall. I always feel like I need to get my house "prepared" for spending alot of time inside during the Winter. Getting my closets organized is one thing I always associate with Spring and Fall Cleaning.

Here are a few tips I use in organizing a closet:

1-Color Coordinate...It is amazing how easy it makes putting clothes away and to find things!

2-Try to only keep things in your closet that are in season. I wish I had a nice walk in closet, but unfortunately I have a pretty small closet that I for sure can't walk in. Winter and summer clothes hanging together can really make everything cramped. I recommend buying a few plastic storage bins and storing the opposite season's clothes in them. No need to be flipping through your large sweaters when it is 90 degrees outside.

3- Buy hanging shoe racks-I love the ones that go over your door. They are great for of course shoes but accessories too.. I put my winter gloves and scarfs in them and many other things.

4-If you don't love it... Get rid of it. This is one that is so hard for me, I always thing maybe I will wear it and I never do. I finally decided to purge anything in my closet I didn't just love! Getting ready in the morning is alot easier.

5-Make sure everything has a place. When we first got married, but husband didn't have a place for his belts, ties and shoes. So where did everything end up-on the floor. I have since purchased him a tie rack, belt rack, shoe rack and a few other storage items... his closet now looks better than mine.

6-Start Small-Don't tear your entire room apart. Start with just one part of closet- say "today I am going organize my skirts, and tomorrow my shoes". This helps make the task of organizing your closet alot more manageable.

Sorry I don't have pictures to make this a bit more exciting...maybe tomorrow-I might be able to get someone to help me out with blogging. More Fall Cleaning Tips to come! Thanks for reading!


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