I have a lot of my dad in me. Of course, I have my mom in me too. But, I have little things I do and enjoy that my dad used to enjoy. One of those is to write letters with ideas, congratulations, notes to people that I liked this or that, etc... I also LOVE to read business books, listen to motivational speakers and read interesting articles about a million different topics. So, it is no wonder that I am off Oprah and totally into Donny Deustch.

I tivo all of his episodes and Tommy cannot stand him, but hey I am the one that has the goal to make $2million by age 32...totally doable, right? : ) I just have to come up with an invention, a one hit wonder, whatever. Honestly, though, if you watch the show you can just have the simplest, most ridiculously obvious idea and sell your product on the internet and be a millionaire.

I also love on his show that when he interviews entrepreneurs he makes them take you from the conception of the idea to how you got your product into the marketplace. Most people just skim over the how you got there part and go straight to the product's benefits. That is why I love Donny. He gets down to the nitty gritty details of how you struggled and figured out how to take your idea from a piece of paper to production. Because, honestly, that is the hardest part.

So, I often email Donny, as I used to email Oprah. Clearly there is something wrong with my emailing techniques, as I have never gotten a response (from either). I even have a picture of Donny on my "visualization board" or whatever they called it in The Secret. I have show ideas! Here are some of my unanswered emails:

1- Zumba - my total favorite activity and the craze is sweeping the nation - more posts on that later

2- I subscribe to Entrepreneur and INC., but the Big Idea is so different, so motivating, there is so much that could be included in a magazine. I could totally be the editor. I even offered. No response!!!

3- For those who watch the show, they always do a segment called "Will it Play in Peoria?" Basically, if a product that has been featured on the Big Idea can sell in Peoria, IL, it can sell anywhere. Well, they were taking nominations for other cities...well, what better place than Tulsa. I even came up with the clever name of "Will it Take in Tulsa?" And, I even sent this NY Times article to back my nomination up. So what if it is from 1992??

So, imagine my delight and thrill when I see an email pop up from the Donny Deutsch show! I could barely breathe!! The subject line: ASK DONNY. Open email...only to find, they are looking for someone to ask a question on the show related to a midlife crisis. Sadly, not my situation. Oh well, I will keep trying. I am sure one of these days something will come up, right? : )


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