Entrepreneur Group

So, tonight we had the 2nd meeting of our Women's Entrepreneur Group. I really don't have an idea big enough to land me on Donny Deutsch's "The Big Idea" but I am sure I will one day. Hmm...maybe if I just post about Donny each day, I might get an invite to his show....interesting concept. I will consider that.

First, you guys, Sage Culinary Studio is coming along awesome!!! You will just die it is so awesome! We had our meeting there again tonight and made pizzas in the studio and it is so perfect for parties and classes. Catherine's official opening will be in October, so I will keep you guys posted, but I will put some pics up tomorrow! It looks so fabulous!

Also, tonight, we had two new members join our group! Deedra and Melanie from 918 moms joined us! Deedra and Melanie have recently "launched" their social networking site for Tulsa mom's. It is a great site for connecting with other Tulsa parents asking questions, and they have a great directory. Check it out and bookmark it to your favorites!

Okay, off to bed! XOXO


  1. I really enjoyed getting to finally meet you and the rest of the group. Thanks so much for a great evening.


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