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I am soooo disappointed in myself for not taking “before and after” pictures of Sage Culinary Studio. But, you can use your imagination and think of a blank canvas that has been transformed into this fabulous place!

I have to say, it was so crazy to see my logo up close and personal! Ha! I designed that!!! And, even more impressive is that Catherine’s niece hand painted the HUGE Sage logo on the windows---freehand! I mean NO stencils, nothing. Wow. (Please ignore the poor picture quality and reflections….I cannot take a picture to save my life).

The retail portion of the store carries the cutest items! There are tons of baking kits, tools made for kid size hands, and even little aprons and hats for the tiny chefs!

Look how good all of her paper goods turned out! (Side note, I have actually begun work on my website! Go me! So, eventually all of the beautiful items I have designed for Catherine and my other clients will be available online….you can visit but it is a total work in progress).

Now, for the studio – it is so awesome! It is modern, professional (obviously, clean) and perfect for hosting a cooking class!

Also, is this not the perfect gift for a small chef in the making??? It is an adjustable step stool that keeps kids from falling while they cook. I cannot imagine a better way to keep a child’s attention but also make sure they stay by your side during the cooking process! These will retail for around $150 at Sage.
Catherine held her first birthday party and it went fabulous! I am so excited for her! Check out her site for more details on hosting events/parties at her studio!


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