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Yesterday Allison, Andrea, Baby Addison & I went to the fair and went to the Sugar Art show! Unfortunately, my camera quit working, but fingers crossed that Sony cannot fix it and I can get a new one! Anyway, we took pictures with Allison's camera, so I will be sure to post some of the amazing creations tomorrow when she uploads them.

But, while I was out yesterday I somehow talked Tommy into going to Michael's and Martha Stewart has some of the cutest Halloween decorations!

This adorable vintage Halloween banner retails for only $6.99! And, you can reuse it. So cute!She also has some awesome party invitations. There are at least three varieties to of which is a box mailer and has a "reminder finger" in it. I decided today if I have to dress up for Halloween, I totally know what I will be going as! --- In glasses and with my pulled back I have a strong resemblance to Sarah Palin. Not sure if that is good or bad. But, whatever, it will make for a very easy costume!
I love easy cake decorating...I will post more about my cake decorating experience with my pictures from the Sugar Art Show. Lets just say it was a disaster. But, this looks very simple. Bake a cake, use a template and sprinkle powdered sugar on top. Very professional!
You know how I love a window cling...MS also has a skeleton, witch, ghost and more bats!
Now these were absolutely adorable. You put these "toxic" labels over wine bottle label to make a custom "brew." MS also carries cute labels that say "poison, beware, etc..." to place on your cups to customize them.
All this makes me want to have a party. Too bad I am just not that into Halloween!


  1. You should have a pumpkin carving party! We did last year and are going to again. Have some drinks and pumpkins---lots of fun! Then you could use some of MS's stuff :)

    Emily B


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