Two confessions and a crush

Confession #1- I kind of wish it was still cool to rollerblade. My outer thighs could certainly use the workout. However, I cannot get over the dork factor. Sigh...

Confession #2- I might have a smite addiction to Pretzel M&Ms.

Okay, now onto my crush - I am in LOVE with dolls. No, not the American Girl, Samantha (that is a whole other post) - Matryoshkas, Babushkas, Russian Nesting Dolls, you take your pick. In Germany last summer I took this picture of the window display of an optical shop.

Now I see them everywhere and am in love. (I have always had a thing for these...I think my mom had some that my dad gave her that she used to put up at Christmas. Sounds a little bit like my sister's cousin's uncle's best friend's brother, doesn't it?)

They are showing up in home goods... (Sold by Fred Flare.)
to invitations/parties... (check out Twig & Thistle's amazing party with this theme here.)
to coasters! (See tutorial on Hostess with the Mostess.) I promise, you will probably come across eight of these little dolls tomorrow alone.
And lastly, have you ever seen a cuter apron than this one from Snappy Shop'>Snappy Shop on etsy?


  1. I just discovered pretzel m&m's this weekend! YUM.
    And I would totally go rollerblading with you if mine had not been mysteriously misplaced in one of my moves.. though I might totally embarrass you along the way. My freakishly small ankles = lots of falling down.

  2. I love Samantha. I am still a little bitter that I never got one. Even though they were a bajillion dollars and my mam must have known I would have cut her bangs in about 4.2 seconds. But.....still bitter. A little.

    And the apron was cuter than a box of puppies.


  3. Oh my--rollerblading!? Ummm..yes, there's a woman who rollerblades through my neighborhood from time to time and let me tell you, dork she is not. Her body is that of a Victoria's Secret model and by the looks of her face and her hubby who rides a bike next to her while she "blades" she's about 40-ish. Her body screams 20-ish. You can actually hear the jaws drop of each and every person she rolls by. I'm thinking I need to invest to some blades and quick!!!

  4. Javis Davis has nusery bedding with the babushka cute! You should check it out.
    Megan B


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