Ahoy it's a boy!

Yesterday my friend Iris and I threw a "sip and sea" for my sister-in-law and new nephew, Drew.

We had so much fun planning and have to give a special thanks to Aunt Mary who had thrown a similar shower earlier this year and let us borrow some of her decor and ideas. Aunt Mary is like Martha Stewart's lesser known, but still crafty, sister. She created this banner below and while you cannot really see it in the picture, the details were impeccable...it is strung with rope and has nautical knots tied in it.

The event was at 2 in the afternoon, so the food was pretty simple. I have to tell you, though, our little chicken salad sandwiches were a hit. Confession: I have never eaten chicken salad until about 2 months ago because I loathe mayo. Well, I was in Sam's Club and they were giving samples away of chicken salad made with ranch dressing instead of mayo. Delish. All you do is take chunk canned chicken, mix it with Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and that's it. Even I can do that.

Now, you must take notice of our little flags. Though totally not necessary since most of our food was completely obvious, I had to do them because Aunt Mary let us borrow these little boats with the lifesavers - hello - adorable!
I made a few printables that we used as cupcake toppers...

napkin rings holders....

and on the cups. And, because I love all of you guys (and really hate for all of that hard work to go to waste), I will post a link tomorrow for free downloads of this printable!
Iris found this adorable rubber ducky (notice the anchor on it!) at Michaels.

For favors, we stole Mary's idea and made little origami boats with "bon voyage" flags in them. I will throw those in with my free downloads tomorrow, too.

Up close...
Finley was sweet to come and see our little sailor. (She even dressed the theme, too....actually, everyone was pretty into it. So many people had on navy or nautical inspired outfits!)
Iris, myself, Kristen and Baby Drew. I think he was having fun :).


  1. So, so, so precious! And Finley is ADORABLE!!! The cuteness was just busting at the seams!! :)

  2. I was just wondering earlier today when this little event was setting sail! So adorable!! The cutest idea, the sweetest decorations...just precious!! Love the cupcake toppers, the banner and the favors! I really don't know how you come up with this!

    Finley and Drew looked so sweet!!!!!! Seriously-too adorable. And I think your aunt needs to tell Martha to watch out!


  3. What a great theme!! I love all of the paper details. The little origami boats are adorable! You are so good at this stuff.

  4. I love the little duck in the punch. TOO CUTE

  5. Such a CUTE shower!!!!!!! :) Love all the details!!

  6. Ohhh, how fun! So sorry I missed it! Great job on all the decor, it looks great!

  7. Y'all did such a great job. Love the custom toppers, flags and cups!

  8. I am planning a baby shower and would love to use some of your ideas. Unfortunately I can't see any of the pictures from the shower. Is there any way that I can view them? You can email them to me at julie_6d@hotmail.com Thanks!

  9. The descriptions *sound* adorable. I wish I could see your pictures!

  10. I'm having the same trouble as "Anonymous" and Jamie. I would really love to see the pictures! I, too, am planning a shower & would love to see your ideas. I would truly appreciate you emailing them to me! :)


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