Since it's late...

Tonight was my monthly bunko night. The funny thing about bunko night is that we haven't played bunko the last few times we have gotten together. Fine by me. I prefer to socialize. That, however, puts me home kind of late. (Is it lame that I consider 9:30 late on a weeknight? Back in college, I would just be going out...amazing what 9 years will do to you.)

So, instead of a post full of great ideas I will leave you with a fill in the blank statement that Target posted on Facebook two days ago that I still have no answer for:

If I could spend the whole night in Target, I would play with ___________.

I almost feel like my lack of a response is a sin against Target. I am wracking my brain...would it be food? (Who am I kidding?) Would it be makeup? (Probably not...I don't really like makeup that much.) Would it be trying on trendy clothes? (Maybe, I really need some help there and being locked in Target would force me to try them on...)

Okay, so play...tell me what you would do if you were locked in Target. I cannot sleep until I come up with a good response. (Okay, I cannot sleep soundly.) Allison, I am sure you have this all figured out. I expect a response from you.

XOXO, Katie


  1. Oh Sister-sooo many options for what I would do if trapped in a Target all night-its like better than my dream as a kid to get stuck in Sam's. I would first try all of the foods I would like too (if I was lucky enough to spend the night at the SuperTarget) Then I would hit up the baby section... all of the fun clothes. Then finally I would enjoy spending my time in the organizing aisles. Oh it would be fabulous

  2. I would try on all the clothes - from bras to pajama sets to bathing suits to shirts, pants and dresses. In the past 2 weeks I have been to 4 different Targets buying pajamas and trying on the S, M, and L tops and bottoms of bathing suits looking for the perfect fit. As I type this I'm in my brand new matching striped pajama dress and robe. Oh, and underwear from Target. I LOVE Target clothes. (Sorry, I got excited and my husband just doesn't get it)

  3. I wouldn't even know where to start! Probably at the Starbuck's there and then onto EVERY other part of the store. Love their clearance baby jammies, my favorites for my little girl! And their seasonal things. And home. And garden. Interesting thought! :-)


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